Top Tourist Attractions in Mozambique

Mozambique is one of the most popular choices on the east African traveller route. Warm weather, ample sunshine and vast beaches have made this country a traveler’s paradise. There are no golf courses or shopping malls here, but the unspoiled natural beauty and rich marine life has pushed the country to the top of the list for honeymooners, scuba divers and water sport fanatics.

Maputo is the capital city of Mozambique. It is the largest city of Mozambique also with the country’s most important harbour. It is situated at the mouth of the Santo River in the extreme south 90 km from the border to South Africa

Compared to some other sub-Saharan African cities the urban area feels small and concentrated with wide avenues and old trees. People are generally out and about in the streets, walking driving and getting on with life. The vibe is healthy and active, with little begging and lots of street vendors and markets. There is no heavy presence of police during the day, and no feeling that it is needed.

The Railway Station on Praca dos Trabalhadores was designed by Gustave Eiffel (after his fall from grace in the Panama canal scandal), and bears the mark of his genius. The National Art Museum has a small but good collection of Mozambican art, including several large canvases by the world-renowned Malangatana. The Jardim Tunduru is a very pretty (albeit small) botanical garden. The Museum of the Revolution chronicles Mozambique’s fight for indepedence from Portuguese colonialism The Mercado Central in the Baixa district has fresh fish, crabs, calamari, fruits and vegetables, and many household staples. Safe, lively and recommended, especially if cooking for yourself.

Walk up Avenida Julius Nyerere. Start from the Hotel Cardoso or Natural History Museum along R Mutemba to Nyerere then left (north) to the Polana Hotel. Boutiques, restaurants, curio vendors, video stores, etc. to be seen in the relatively upscale Polana neighborhood. Visit some beautiful beaches, such as Catembe and Ponta d’Ouro. Ponta d’Ouro is a popular destination for South African divers and surfers. There is a small village, but it is mostly overshadowed by the tourist camps. It is very jovial in these atmospheres and it is not dangerous in the least bit Inhambane is a sleepy historic town some 485 km north of Maputo. It has some great colonial architecture (in a low-key sort of a way) and is considered by many to be one of the prettiest towns in Mozambique. It is situated on a peninsula overlooking a bay, and also serves as a springboard to the coastal resorts around Tofo beach (some 30 km due east, along a reasonably good road).

Tofo Beach has been described as “the next Goa”, and while this may be pushing it a bit, Tofo has definitely become a traveller’s mecca on the Eastern coast of Africa. The reasons are not hard to discern: beautiful stretches of beach, a friendly laid-back vibe, a small but pumping nightlife, great diving and snorkeling and a few good restaurants too. Tofo and surrounds have some truly excellent diving, with nice reefs and excellent large marine life. Whale sharks and Humpback whales in season, reef sharks and much more. Don’t miss Manta Reef, home of three cleaning stations where the critters really throng. Most of the better dive sites are at around 25-30 meters, requiring deep-dive certification (which you can get through one of the dive shops if you don’t have already).

Snorkeling is a MUST… swimming with whalesharks, the largest fish in the world is incredibly special. Although their mouths are over a meter wide and their bodies 8m long they are harmless. if you’re lucky you may also get to swim with wild dolphins, manta rays. Swimming with whales is prohibited, although you’ll be happy to see them from the boat. Inquire with the dive shops about trips. Surfing is also a nice possibility in the warm Indian Ocean and boards can be hired from the little cafe next to Diversity Scuba.


There is a fusion of African, Arabic, Indian and Portuguese influences across the country, and you will be able to find evidence of this in its history and architecture, as well as from the inhabitants. Mozambique’s unique cultural heritage, architectural treasures and World Heritage Sites make it a great vacation destination for families in search of culture as well as sun. Ilha de Mozambique is a city in Nampula Province with a historical heritage that’s unmatched in the rest of Mozambique, and indeed the rest of Africa. It was the capital of Mozambique for nearly four centuries before the move to Lourenco Marques (now Maputo). Visit Mozambique with Unique travel o explore its great wonders.


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